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See what our customers are saying…


“I could not be happier. Extremely pleasant team who could have not been more polite…a great job” “Very impressed and an outstanding job. Will use in the future without doubt”

“Very pleased with everything, excellent job”


“We feel reassured that our properties are managed and maintained well as we cannot do it ourselves anymore. We feel confident with Seraphim.” “Great work and a very experienced and polite team” “Absolutely brilliant, a great service”

“God has selected only a few good people for this earth, angels I call them, and Tom [my gardener]  is one of them” “I could not believe the difference in just a few hours ….my garden is transformed” “Always very pleasant and the best gardener I have had by far”


“It appears that when these young people move into Seraphim they start to settle down and open up, you and your support staff do a wonderful job. We used to place these young people elsewhere and it was disastrous for them.”

“We would like to say a big THANK YOU for everything you have done for us over the past 4 months.”

“I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for letting me stay at such short notice. I would also like to outline your politeness yesterday, it was lovely.”


“Seraphim are a great example of how a business can reinvest in the local business community for the benefit of all,”

[Henry Smith MP]


“Rohit genuinely cares about building a business that can have a positive impact on the local community. He is always supportive to other local businessmen and is unselfish in sharing good ideas for the benefit of others.”

[David Lynes, Director of Citigroup Global Markets Ltd]

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